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Band Protocol

Secure, scalable and decentralized oracle for Findora.

Other Mainnet


The ultimate router and bridge to interoperate within multiple blockchains.

Finance Bridge Mainnet


A pioneering stablecoin and privacy-oriented DEX inspired by Curve Finance.

Finance Mainnet

Findora Name Service

Unleash the Power of Secure Naming on Findora.

Other Mainnet


The first decentralized lending and borrowing protocol on Findora.

Finance Mainnet


Uniting the Multiverse: Explore, Play, and Grow with ONEverse

Finance Gaming Marketplace Mainnet

SAN Sound

Integrating zero knowledge into audio hardware

Collectible Social Other

Rialto Bridge

Transfer assets from Ethereum and BNB Smart Chain to Findora.

Finance Bridge Mainnet

Tr4ck3r Validator

Multichain validator offering best services

Validator Mainnet

Nart Exchange

Nart Exchange is uniting NFTs with privacy and fun.


Venice Finance

Venice Finance is a next-generation decentralized exchange (DEX) with zero-knowledge proofs to keep transaction privacy.


Fedora Finance NFT

Utilizing Findora EVM to bring you all of DeFi.

Collectible Mainnet

AAA FRA Validator

Findora Mainnet Validator with Experience in the Blockchain Ecosystem

Validator Mainnet


Merchandise, Co-marketing, and Wholesale Swag

Marketplace Other

⚡ EasyNode.PRO ⚡

We are Blockchain Developers, Validator Pools, & Community Supporters

Validator Mainnet


A community-governed DEX built on the Findora.

Finance Mainnet

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