About FairySwap

FairySwap, a community-governed DEX built on the Findora blockchain, recently launched version 2 of its platform with new features and improved security.

The new version of FairySwap, which remains community-governed with the majority of tokens still reserved for the community, introduced the new governance token $FAY. The platform’s privacy-centric approach will be further enhanced in the future with the integration of additional privacy features through Findora Privacy Routing SDKs.

Attention, FairySwap has a low trust!

As the first DEX on Findora, the project lost all reputation it has. Not only because of bad communication after a hack issue end of 2022, but also because of non-existent community management even after a successful relaunch. There is a high chance FairySwap cease to exists because of lack of liquidity if they don't turn the wheel. So it is highly recommended not to use FairySwap right now.

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