About Forlend

Forlend is the first decentralized private lending and borrowing protocol on Findora and is built to transform DeFi lending from serving a small segment of users to mass (institutional) adoption. and give all borrowers/lenders sovereignty over their transaction data.

As a decentralized protocol, Forlend enables supplying of crypto assets as collateral in order to borrow other crypto assets and earn interest using an over-collateralized model. Currently supporting FRA tokens and a few stablecoins. Forlend also lets users stake LP tokens to earn FLD rewards from its FLD mining initiatives.

First launched on Findora’s privacy-preserving blockchain, Forlend enables its users' transactional privacy, creating a true market that empowers institutional investors, small-medium enterprises as well as individuals.

Attention, Forlend has a low trust!

Forlend ist the first and only lending/borrowing dapp on Findora. Unfortunately, the developers are anonymous and the user support or any kind of engagement with the community is non-existent. Some DeFi experts have already stated that Forlend is insolvent, so it is highly recommended not to use it right now.

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