About FutureSwap

FutureSwap is a decentralized platform that provides a low-cost and low-slippage solution for stablecoin trading on the Findora blockchain. With privacy at the forefront of its design, FutureSwap takes inspiration from the successful Curve Finance protocol to bring stability and security to stablecoin trading. Individual users (and decentralized protocols alike) can easily trade stablecoins with just a few clicks (or via APIs), thanks to the user-friendly interface.

The platform is fully community-governed and incentivizes active participation through its governance token $FS. In addition, FutureSwap features its own stablecoin, $USDF, which serves as (the equivalent of) LP tokens for its liquidity pools and is pegged to its underlying stablecoin assets. As a standard FRC20 token, $USDF can be used as a stablecoin on Findora.

Attention, FutureSwap has a low trust!

Unfortunately the developers are anonymous and never actively engaged with the Findora community to build up trust for using USDF as their stablecoin. The dapp of FutureSwap is mostly a fork of Curve Finance, without any privacy features. So the risk is high, that FutureSwap cease to exists because of lack of liquidity and utility on-chain. Therefore, using FutureSwap or even holding their tokens is not recommended at this time.

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