About Lumias

Lumias aims to be the bridge between user and the GameFi world. It offers a curated place where you can find new upcoming games or well established titles and an intuitive design to interact with the onchain elements. Leveraging Findora's privacy focused chain, the hub brings communities in events or guilds from different games together, while still preserving the ethos of privacy.

Lumias offers an NFT's marketplace, a DEX, a portfolio tracker and everything else needed for the perfect gaming experience. And for the developer scene, Lumias offers an onboarding for devs where they have access to funding and technical support in order to revive or bring their own games on Findor and other chains to life.

Awesome, Lumias has a high trust!

Lumias is participating in the grant program of Findora. The people behind Lumias are known and have an active community engagement. The communication is always transparent and the roadmap up-to-date.

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