About Rialto Bridge

Rialto Bridge is a modular multi-directional blockchain bridge to allow data and value transfer between a number of blockchains like Findora. The bridge enables users to specify a destination blockchain from their source chain and send data to that blockchain for consumption on the destination chain.

Provided and operated by Findora itself, the bridge is built on burnished and strengthened Chainbridge infrastructure of Chainsafe and allows technologically different chains to communicate with each other, perform transactions against each other and settle balances at the end of a session.

Currently, Rialto Bridge is the only solution that supports the transfer of assets from Ethereum and BNB smartchain to the Findora blockchain.

Awesome, Rialto Bridge has a high trust!

The Rialto Bridge is officially supported by Findora and the developer is known by them, but unknown to the community.

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