About SonicSwap

SonicSwap is a community-driven decentralized exchange operating on the Findora network. The native token (SONIC) will be launched as the utility and governance vessel to grant access to many of the benefits and use cases planned for the future. Along with this comes the opportunity to partake in the governing of the project through voting rights alongside the community to shape the future of the platform and any major decisions that will impact its future.

Our main goal in launching on the Findora network is to utilize what was already built by Findora developers and leverage technologies, such as ZK and programable privacy, to create a platform that can offer a full suite of user-friendly tools to not only help in the adoption of such technologies, but to offer unique and useful ways for everyone regardless of experience level or goals, to find what it is that they are striving for, and pursue it in a seamless manner with little-to-no friction on the learning curve.

Awesome, SonicSwap has a high trust!

SonicSwap is a working DEX and the developers are known by Findora. Their community engagement very active and communication as transparent as possible.

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