About Venice Finance

Venice Finance is a next-generation decentralized exchange (DEX) that will use zero-knowledge proofs to keep transaction data private. Through privacy, traders can protect their strategies, users will have more safety, and more institutions will be able to move into the Web3 space.

Privacy can also help prevent front running, a tactic where malicious actors snipe trades or arbitrarily reorder transactions in a block to make a profit.

Venice Finance is now launching on the Findora blockchain in Q1 of 2023, and will be one of the first DEXs in the ecosystem. Starting in Q2, however, it will start integrating Findora’s privacy SDK to provide a slate of services no DEX has previously offered. As one of the first DEXs on Findora, Venice hopes to capitalize on its growth in 2023.

Some of the privacy functions we aim to offer include:

  • Front-running resistance
  • Private cross-chain swaps
  • Wallet address shielding
  • Viewing keys of auditing institutions
  • Zk-proof of reserves
  • Protecting the token type and token amount in on-chain data

Not perfect, but Venice Finance has a moderate trust.

Venice Finance is a working CEX, but without any token or LP farms, because they stopped further development until Findora has more traffic on-chain. Unfortunately the developers are anonymous and there is no community engagement or any kind of transparency.

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