About Victorian Murder Mystery

Victorian Murder Mystery will let you step into the world of your favourite murder mystery novel. The game combines classic settings and stories with the addictively chaotic gameplay of modern social deception. Take on the unique role and try to unveil the identity of the murderer... or commit the murder yourself. Discover hidden motives, achieve your secret plan, deceive your friends and uncover the mystery.

Thanks zero-knowledge technology of Findora, the game runs in a verifiable and trustless environment. This ensures that not even the host of a gaming session knows the identities of the players and that the gaming data does not get modified for cheating.

Awesome, Victorian Murder Mystery has a high trust!

Victorian Murder Mystery received a grant to run on Findora, and the developers of Hopscotch Games are known to them. Unfortunately, there is no engagement with the Findora community and the current state of development is unknown.

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