Reliability with validator nodes

As a proof of stake blockchain, validators on Findora contribute to consensus and participate in network governance, based on their delegated and staked amount of FRA. The top 100 staked validators earn FRA block rewards for proposing and signing blocks on the network.

Yogurt Validator is one of top 100 staked validators and runs on high availability infrastructure in the United States, hosted by a professional VPS provider.

Stake your FRA with Yogurt Validator

Please do your research about Findora first. When you know enough, install the latest Findora wallet on your device and stake your FRA by delegating them to the Yogurt Validator or any validator of your choice. Afterwards as a reward, you can earn an APR of up to 20% based on your staked FRA.

If you don't have FRA yet, then you can buy or trade the token on Kucoin, BitMart, LBank, and Personally, I prefer and recommend using Kucoin to buy FRA. Kucoin is a well established exchange and has large volume, a fast withdraw process and positive reputation. But unfortunatly the exchange does not support US citizens anymore.

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